osu! is a rhythm game created by Dean Herbert in 2007. Involves a lot of clicking, a lot of aiming with your mouse/tablet, and a lot of crying due to failed full combos.

This was probably the game that has captivated me for the longest time, playing in the time period of 2015-2017 before subsequently quitting due to school and basically getting my life back in order. It was no doubt a fun game to play, but it has really put a lot of burden on me and resulted in some hand injuries and a lot of failed attempts of attention-seeking and depression.

I actually hit a pretty high level in the game, reaching around rank #1700 in a leaderboard of around 7 million players at the time, securing me as top #75 in my country at peak rank. Here is my profile if you want to take a gander at it.

For more details see osu! Personal Experience.

Some Random Stuff

Skillset: Well-rounded Strengths: Tech, Streams, Aim
Favourite Mods: Hidden, Hard Rock, Easy Weaknesses: Speed, Accuracy
Favourite map style: technical maps Peak Rank: #1762
Favourite players: -GN, rustbell, mugio3, Bikko

My best plays with personal reason (not according to pp-value):

Yume no Tsubomi [Promise] w/ Hidden FC - 391pp: was in a multiplayer lobby and sightread FC'd an entire 5 minute map. Absolutely ridiculous.

BLACK or WHITE? [SCV's INFINITE] w/ Hidden, HardRock FC - 330pp: My first ever top 10 score on a map's leaderboard. As of writing I am in the #11 spot. Pretty cool.

.357 Magnum [Another] w/ Hidden, HardRock x1 miss - 294pp: By far my greatest (and surprising) play yet. At the time of the play I was one of around seven people who ranked on the leaderboards with Hidden HardRock. Stupidly difficult jump streams with NoMod make this hard map even more ridiculous with the given mod combination. As of writing I am still in the #50 spot in the leaderboards somehow which is hilarious considering that this play is over 2 years old.

Critical Crystal [wa's Extra] w/ Hidden, HardRock x1 miss - 271pp: A reverse choke, meaning that I screwed up the beginning but kept combo until the end. Overall cool play that I did not expect to get.

FriendZoned [Slayed's Extreme] w/ Hidden x1.3 speed - 307pp: The only liveplay that I still have, and the play was done in the training client McOsu! DoubleTime increases the rate by x1.5 (weird I know), but I could only manage x1.3 speed or else the approach rate would have been too high.

Some Terminology:

pp - short for "performance points"; main indicator of a play's "value" or "impressiveness"

FC - full combo; no missed notes or slider ends

Sightread - Played a map for the first time without ever seeing it before.

w/ [MODS] - mods are gameplay modifiers which make the game more challenging in certain aspects (Hidden, HardRock, and DoubleTime are the most common.)