Vertical Scrolling Rhythm Games (VSRG)

VSRGs are essentially games that are like Guitar Hero: you hit the note when it reaches a receptor, with around 4-9 receptors depending on the game. VSRGs are typically played with a keyboard, but some are meant to be played with a specific controller (ex. DDR dancepad, SDVX controller, etc.)

I've been playing these games on and off since 2016 and I am still entirely garbage.

Of course, as you go up in receptors the difficulty starts ramping up dramatically. I mainly play Stepmania/FlashFlashRevolution, which has 4 keys. I also have played some IIDX clones like Bemuse and Lunatic Rave 2 for a year or so, and those have 7 keys + Scratchpad (8 in total.) Anything past 4 keys just kills me. Me playing 8-Key VSRGs makes my brain confused.

If you want to see peak mediocre playing, you can watch the video below. For reference, the song's difficulty is 82, while the hardest songs are 100+. (If you don't want to hear J-pop or what people often call "weeb" music you can just mute the video.)