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Tools/Software that I use

Recommended Books

Recommended Podcasts

Tools/Software that I use

vim - lightning-fast customizable text-editor that can be entirely used with a keyboard.

GIMP - photo-editing software.

KeePass - simple password manager.

Evernote - digital notebook that syncs to the cloud.

Manjaro Linux with i3wm - smooth Arch-based distro that works right out of the box, no hassle required.

Ducky One - mechanical keyboards are so good. I highly recommend investing in one.

f.lux (Windows) and Redshift (Linux) - tints screen orange for comfy nighttime browsing.

Recommended Books

Holy Bible - source of wisdom.

Deep Work - a book detailing how to be more effective in whatever you may do in less time.

Digital Minimalism - details about reducing technology usage and how to deliberately use technology to your advantage instead of letting it rule over you.

Essentialism - a book detailing about getting rid of the trivial many and keeping the vital few.

Thinking, Fast and Slow - a book entirely devoted to bias, rationality, and behavioural economics.

Atomic Habits and The Kaizen Way - start changing your life through small steps and gradual growth, as opposed to volatile leaps of "inspiration."

A Mind for Numbers - a book about metalearning and metacognition.

Recommended Podcasts

Lingthusiasm and The Allusionist - podcasts pertaining to the subject of linguistics.

Talk The Talk - a band of australians talk about linguistics, and it is hilarious.

College Info Geek Podcast - two men banter about work/school productivity and other life skills.

Smart Drugs Smart - podcast about neuroscience and nootropics (drugs that enhance cognitive function.)