Personal Productivity

Habitica (App (Free) + Website) - Habit tracker that revolves around RPG game mechanics.

Forest (App (Paid) + Browser Extension) - locks down your whole phone/blacklisted websites for a certain period of time. I use this for pomodoro sessions.

A Soft Murmur - Ambient white noise. - tells you when is the best time to both sleep and wake up given a certain time.

Arts & Creation

Quickposes - good for practicing figure drawing. Cycles through a database of images.

Posemaniacs - another website to practice figure drawing. Renders the human body (tissues only) in 3D using Flash player.

BioDigital - 3D human model with all of the body parts, muscles, and organs.

PHOTOMOSH - website for glitchifying your photos.


etymonline - online etymology dictionary.

Squibler - deletes all your work if you stop writing for a few seconds.

Philosophy and Psychology

Changing Minds - A wealth of information on psychology, philosophy, and sociology.

Logic Portal - Information on all things logic.

Aesthetics Portal - The philosophy of aesthetics.

List of Cognitive Biases - Mostly for reference.